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The story of the rocks...

I have been drawn to the sea for as long as I can remember. Walking along the ocean’s edge has always been an energizing experience for me. Each time, with renewed purpose, I watch the forces of nature, the action of the waves, and the pull of the tides. The changing landscape on a microcosmic level, of stones, large and small, shells and other remnants of the sea, allows a glimpse into its living history. As a result, my life maintains a balanced and calm perspective in today’s fast-paced world. I hope my creations remind you of this same experience and encourage a Zen-like balance in your own life.

As I walk my countless miles along the beach, I select the perfect balance of sizes, shapes, and patterns for each individual creation. Where do the stones originate? I have no idea. Perhaps they tumbled off a cliff in Scotland, dragged for thousands of years by the forces of waves and tides across the ocean floor, until their journey ended on the beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. All I know is this is where I find them.

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